• Active Shooter - How to Respond
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Hurricane Preparedness
  • Incident Command Boot Camp
  • Search and Rescue
  • Situational Awareness for Office Staff
  • Earthquake Preparedness
  • Fire Safety


  • Business Continuity: A Simple & Practical Approach
  • Emergency Preparedness for School Staff
  • Emergency Preparedness for Youth
  • Event Management and the Incident Command System
  • Facility Response Plans: A Critical Resource
  • High Consequence Infectious Diseases: A First Hand Perspective of the Dallas Ebola Response
  • Innovative Leadership in the Online Learning Environment
  • Improving Safety Performance
  • Opening a Presidential Library: Preparation and Coordination To Host 5 Living U.S. Presidents
  • Reduction of Fire Risk and Cost Through Enterprise Risk Management
  • Social Media Strategy for Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness
Take action now - learn to make a plan with your community, your family, and for your pets. Learn how to plan, how to stay safe and communicate during the disasters that can affect your community.

Social Media in Emergency Management
One Hour Breakout
The world of public safety is one of constant staffing issues. These issues in collaboration with the rising populations and tools available to emergency managers make the decision to utilize social media a difficult one. The widespread use of social media by the masses also argues to the point for the use of social media in emergency management. As a former volunteer Social Media specialist assigned to the Texas Department of Emergency Management Disaster District 4 (Garland), Jason utilizes this presentation as a case study approach to identify the influence of social media within the role of emergency managers and how it was utilized during a major real-world incident regarding the Dallas Ebola response in October 2014. It also dives into the real world use of a Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) and some of the challenges they face. The presentation utilizes data from documented research, hands on participation, the distribution of surveys and interviews determining the viability of using social media platforms in emergency operations.

Emergency Preparedness Seminar
Two Hours
What will your organization do when a disaster strikes? Are you prepared? Attend this seminar and learn how to evaluate your current business operation and how you can be better prepared to protect your assets and maintain operations before, during and after a major disaster.
You Will Learn

  • Why you need an emergency response plan
  • Typical emergency events and preparing for them
  • How to establish a emergency preparedness program
  • The planning steps for implementing the plan
  • How to establish the vision and direction to follow

Disaster Preparedness Workshop
One or Two-day workshop
​The devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Super storm Sandy confirmed that disasters are unpredictable and extraordinary events. This workshop is designed for non-emergency response groups such as small businesses, non-profits and corporate departments. Day One will provide a review of disaster planning and prevention, disaster response, setting priorities, and recovery. Day Two will cover salvage priorities and a consist of a demonstration/participation preparedness exercise