Event Management

The only difference in an event and an emergency is that an event is planned. We are a full service event production company, providing operational planning, logistical support & vendor management & event consultation. We can provide online registration, volunteer training, printed materials, and MORE!

Fire Watch

Fire watch allows buildings to be temporarily occupied when the fire suppression systems or the fire alarms are out of service. This is a requirement of the local fire marshal until the system is restored. Our staff can aid in preventing a fire from occurring; extinguishing small fires; aiding in the calm egress of the occupants and protect the public from fire or life safety dangers.

Red Teams

The term "Red Team" and the concept of Red Team exercises is nothing new. In short, a Red Team consists of an individual or team of people playing the role of an enemy. The enemy could be a person with criminal intent, a terrorist planning an active shooter attack or any other scenario you may need tested. We can help develop and implement a red team exercise that will help strengthen the overall security posture of your business.

Crisis Communications

When it comes to crisis management and communications, JMA provides crisis management, strategic communications, public affairs and public relations counsel to clients facing a broad spectrum of issues and challenges.

Executive Protection

Coming Soon.